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Welcome to The Sociologist

I Believe You A Here For A Reason and By Divine Intervention….So thank you for Taking the Time Out of Your Day to Read this Blog.

This is My Second Chance….I believe God does give people a Second Chance at Doing things The Right way …His way to best of our ability. I decided that this is what I Get To Do, write about my experiences and knowledge that I acquire from reading and listening to other people’s stories, research and life experiences on this Great Planet.

I am choosing to write about Social, Historical and Socio Economic Problems and Solutions that have been put in place and those that have yet to be formed to continously improve our health, wellbeing and sustainable existenance.

I would love to connect with people from all walks of life….To Convey the Messages of Truth, Uplift and Preserve Human Existence and all Life forms that God Created to ensure our existence is Pleasant and Abundant in Goodness, Excellence, and Magnificence.

I hope to have reached the hearts and minds of many…even I reach one person other than just myself and assisted in their progress and pursuit of happiness than I would have accomplised a goal of mine.. and the Served A Purpose that we as Children of God, have been alotted.

Published by MalachiTheSociologist

I am an Innovator, Ceator, G rater...

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