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Give Back The Natural Resources

That you Stole from the Original and Rightful Owners Author / Writer: Malachi W. Edmond Since the Late 1800’s Africans , particularly have been Oppressed by the Greed and Wickedness of the so called “Jews” and White British “Elite”. Those men and women have misled the world and created a division between white power, elitism,Continue reading “Give Back The Natural Resources”

Healing of A Nation

IDENTITY Last night, I was in my bed watching youtube videos on the Ancient Egyptian Civilization, as part of my personal search for my True Identity as an African American, descendant of African Slaves, I realized that I may want to get a DNA test to determine my Bloodline.. What really prompted me to wantContinue reading “Healing of A Nation”

Healing of the Nation

The Healing of the Nation was created when I became a inmate in the county of Los Angeles Jail. I was booked on charges of assualt with a deadly weapon, child abuse and vandalism. These were alligation based on a family dispute that led to me damaging my sister’s SUV with an 12lb Axe. NoContinue reading “Healing of the Nation”

  1. The TRUTH ” The Beginning of Knowledge is through the Fear[Respect] of God. Knowing God is the Starting Point…and the End of Ignorance and Foolishness Starts Here with You and I
  2. Prejudice, Discrimination, Hatred and Bigotry still exist in Human Beings…Satan knows this and he uses it to his advantage.
  3. Be slow to Anger and Speedy to Resolve..
  4. Know Thyself
  5. Give God the Glory…which will signify your Humility and Thirst for Knowledge, and Change.
  6. Lose the Beard…No Not Really …Be Yourself Always…but Be willing to Change Selfish and Unserving Ways
  7. Do the Work…when work is to be done and you will reap the fruits of your labor.
  8. Acknowledge that Evil and Wickness exist ….but there is No Power Greater than He{US, WE, You and I} Unified through God(Allah) ,Christ Jesus, Yaweh, Elohim, Immanuel, Buddah, Krishna, and RA…
  9. Each One , Teach One..(learn something new and give it away or sell it.. just make sure it is Not Evil.)
  10. Make God #1 in Your Life…meaning do away with Hatred, Lies, Dishonesty, Unless you absolutely realize you are in Danger…then you have to Protect Yourself the best way possible without Harming yourself or others in the Process…

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