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Healing of the Nation

The Healing of the Nation was created when I became a inmate in the county of Los Angeles Jail. I was booked on charges of assualt with a deadly weapon, child abuse and vandalism. These were alligation based on a family dispute that led to me damaging my sister’s SUV with an 12lb Axe. No one in the vehicle was harmed. In fact, no one was physically harmed to the degree of hospitalization. I plead No Contest , because I realized that a person, like myself , with No Money to pay for a High Priced Attorney did not have a chance of winning a Domestic Violence case in the State of California. Truth be known, prior to the incident I had sought Psychological Counsel and yet, I could not avoid the ‘Devil’ and his demons from Attacking my Mind, Family and Spirit.

When I realized that I should have called an Attorney before I ‘surrendered to the Law Enforcement , It was too late. I was caught up in the Prison System, which in my opinion needs lots of reform. I was in Jail for 1 year in 2020, from March 16th until March 10th, 2021. Now, after realizing that the District Attorney’s Office was seeking to send me to Prison for up to 3 years , I had to find a way to ‘Fight back’ the system and the ‘Devil’ that led me to my demise. I was in for a serious battle for my life. Most of my friends and family was not aware that I was in Jail for an entire year. I was stuck and alone for the first 6 months. I had very little contact with the outside world because I could not remember anyone’s phone number. The only numbers thats I could recall where my grandmother’s numbers and grandfather. I contacted my grandfather and had him relay the message to my mother, father , sister , brother and aunt. It took roughly a month before I could call them on a weekly basis. I utilized the five minute free call that the county jail gave us each sunday and wednesday.

For most of my jail time, I was broke. Broken hearted, Broke Financially, and without knowledge of how the Jail system worked. I found out the Hard way. In the first 2 weeks, I encountered violence and destruction. I got into verbal arguments and physical confrontation, which could have cost me my life or more jail time. Luckily, ‘ gentlemen’ did not want to press charges, and the thought was mutual. “Even after he had called me a Bitch Ass Nigga’. I choose to forgive him of his words and actions. That day I lost the physical battle, but I learned a valuable lesson. God spared my life that day and so did that individual. I put him and myself at risk of being harmed by other inmates. That is the Jail system. It is a very dangerous place, due to being couped up with hundreds of ‘angry me’ who don’t want to be in jail either. I soon but not soon enough realized that I had to do something about my mental health. In July of 2020, I wrote a grievance letter to the County Sheriff, asking for a Psychological Review. It took a few weeks to get a response, however, it was well worth the wait. I was placed on psych meds, and from there I began to really “Program” myself to Do Good, and Heal my mind, body and soul from the years of depression, deceitfulness, dishonor, and delusion brought about from living a ‘Sinful” Life.

I was without any guidance other than my own until I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior and became a believer in Christ. I also started to look for answers and I found that I was being a Fool and not a Prudent man. I read the bible daily and applied whatever knowledge I could find from the scripture. It really helped that I could read and write , and pray to the Most High. The Father, which is the creator of the Universe. And not to dismiss ‘accepting Wisdom as my Tour Guide through this Life on Earth.

To be continued…….

Malachi The Sociologist

10/19/2021 6:19pm pst

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