Why do people Lie?

Why do people Lie?

That question is easy to answer…Adam and Eve betrayed God in the Garden of Eden, according to Christian and Catholic Faith. But what if you are not a Christian or Catholic, and you are an Non Believer or Atheist? What if you don’t have a religious faith or following a particular sect of any religion? Some people would say they are Spiritual but Not Religious. Some say Neither. How does this impact Society as a whole , knowing that we are on a planet full of life and entities that mankind is continuing to explore and document.

I find that religion has been a part of human existence for thousands of years. I realize that I have had experience with religion and religious people. Some of my experiences have been both good and not so good.(Bad Religion).

How can we Co exist in a world without causing WAR? Is it possible and feasible in this day and age?

Can we actually End Impoverishment or Deprivation?

Possible Solutions : “Do the Most Good”, “Do the Right Thang”. Salvation is key to our existence and co-existence on this planet and possibly other planets and galaxies.

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