Give Back The Natural Resources

That you Stole from the Original and Rightful Owners

Author / Writer: Malachi W. Edmond

Since the Late 1800’s Africans , particularly have been Oppressed by the Greed and Wickedness of the so called “Jews” and White British “Elite”. Those men and women have misled the world and created a division between white power, elitism, and superiority through social and economic oppression, exclusion and life threatening diseases, spiritual and educational deprevity.

The names of people that we all still do business with an ultimately depend on to provide Financial services and institutions that harbor our knowledge of ourselves and what we stand for. Those people are absolutely aware of their ‘wrong doing’ and continue to do it with ‘no questions’ , from outside sources , nor do they receive threats from the United States Government or supporters of FREEDOM. Why have the companies that own the Natural Resources in countries like South Africa, where 80% of the natural resources are owned and controlled by ‘jews’ , germans and british men and women? The indigenous people see less than 20% of the profits from the production, and are subject to exploitation, meaninng low wages( e.g. 10 cents per day). That is actually Modern Day Slavery.

Black people , Negroids, Negeritos , Melanoid people are being Hated On in the year 2021. ‘You call yourself a Friend and Not a Racists, an Allie ? Well, if you are then you will Share this Message( Blog Post ) with your Friends, Co-Workers and Family members. The Racism, which is complete Hatred, of the Devil , must Go! It is not from GOD, the creator of all Morality and Human Existence. All you non-belivers realize that what effects your fellow human being , negatively or positively effects you. Everything and Everyone is Connected. It is as simple as that. As an African American male, I am fed up with the Lies, Excuses and Disrepect, Cowardly ways of other Ethnic Groups that Pretend to be the Backing and Right Hand Men to Black Folks around the world. There is Real and their is Fake. There is the “Lie and there is the Truth” , ‘There is Good and Evil’ , and you must choose which one you stand for. My suggestion is that you Choose Good! Why? Because those that follow the Evil and Wicked shall perish. The way of satan is death and not Life( the Living).

You may own all of the “Gold and Silver” but your Balls and penis are as small as a Peanut!!! Your Vagina is as dirty as a Garbage Pal Kid. You are not my friend and you will burn in the eternal lake of fire. I know the TRUTH and because the Truth has been reveielded you evil doers will never win. Your satisfaction will only come through your False since of power and control, you threatening with your guns, knives, bombs, and destructive weapons , biological warefare , and economic warfare against Blacks and People Alike is WEAK!!! You fear the Black man and Woman , Melanoid people because your Ignorance , and Hatred you will be condemned , leaving you with Nothing at the end of your life on this earth. YOU have no REAL friends…they are FAKE , ungodly Just like you. THE JIG IS UP!!! Turn in your weapons of mass destruction and repent. Give BACK the Natural Resources , Land and Rightful Ownership the Indeginous people and their ancestors, Kin folk, etc. I have Warned YOU!!! Your Time is UP! WE all realize that you are a Murder, Liar, Cheater( Dishonest) Fake , Wicked Followers of Satan. This is not preaching these are true facts, scientifically, economically, socially and politically proven. The world has discovered the truth with Covid-19, Black Lives Matter and the Withdraw of Troops from Afghanistan. Now it is time for you to withdraw, from the Regions that you ‘Employ’ and Exploit for your own personal and ethnocentric, racial biogtry and ideologies, which are long outdated and were always a complete LIE about Blacks, Negroids and all Melanoid people of this planet. Racism is Stupid.. and for Silly minded individuals , fearful of being a Good person.

This is your Chance to Set the Record straight and prove that you are capable of doing Good before your time is Up. I have set clear that God , the Universe is on my side and I am on God’s side( the God of Righteousness, Salvation, and humility as well as Humanity).

Don’t pretend to be my Friend… I already know you are not. Because I am the BETTER MAN. And you can be the BETTER MAN or WOMAN , when you Do I SAY , which is a Message from the ALMIGHTY. I don’t need a gun or biological weapons , God has proven that you DONT KNOW SHIT( Anything)” and you are at the UNIVERSES MERCY.


To BE Continued…

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