Healing of A Nation


Last night, I was in my bed watching youtube videos on the Ancient Egyptian Civilization, as part of my personal search for my True Identity as an African American, descendant of African Slaves, I realized that I may want to get a DNA test to determine my Bloodline..

What really prompted me to want to know about my Identity was when I was with my good friend from Harbor City , Robert White who sought to show me that I had ‘ similar features to that of the Great King Tut. We were at the Library doing research and he pulled out a Book of Ancient Egyptian King Tuts life. I saw the image , and when he pointed to the King he said ” that looks just like you”. And Immediately, my soul and mind was illuminated. I knew I was one step closure to finding my real identity, my heritage as ‘a black man’ that had been raised in a world of division and hatred towards people of color.

Like most black people in America, we were not taught our true history, nor did we know who we really are, in the divine sense, nor in the physical or cultural sense. Our native language was not passed on to us, our food, our religious practices. I don’t want to come across as being completely ignorant or hateful towards the white race or any other race or ethnicity for that matter. I realize that everyone and group has their own set of problems they have to deal with. In fact we have more similarities then differences when it comes to our True Nature. Which is seeking, Love, Peace, Good Health and Transparency.

In this day in time, I am not going to attack God, nor will I attack myself, or blame my family, parents, or school system. Even though they are responsible for my demise in many ways more than one. Even though the system was designed from a White, European Dominant Perspective, and for the European, or Caucasian to Rule and Control. My positon in this time is to stand for change, growth, enlightenment, wisdom and self respect, self discipline, knowledge and truth. In the bible it says, ” seek knowledge and wisdom in all of things that I do”. I intend to do that. It also says ” be slow to anger and quick to resolve” , and I intend to do that as well, among other things for the betterment of self.

This is my journey in discovering “Malachi Wayne Edmond” and what Is and what can be , not just what could have been…do to the hurt and pain disappointment ..hateful thoughts and blame…cost , charges, pain associated, losses connected to what could have been. I will inevitable acknowledge the Potential and Actual Positives and the Negatives to come up with the best possible solution for my negligence and wicked devised plan of those that assisted in Keeping me Ignornant , distracted, disoriencted, misdirected, etc.

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